Photo editing is one of the important services which is integral to most companies looking to cater to a good audience base for pushing their sales. To give your product images a little extra jazz, Aarti Desk specializes in the best of Photoshop editing services. Here is a crisp summary of the services which we offer.

Jewelry photo editing

If you cater to jewellery buyer, we will give you immaculate editing of jewellery photos. Virtual Service India can play with the light to add the right touch to your picture and help them look sharper, brighter and much more appealing as well.

White background removal from product images

Too many product image upholders end up making a blunder of having a white background. This takes away the sheen from the images and might even hamper the net sales. We have a team that specializes in seamless removal of white background to make your pictures look a lot better.

Image manipulation editing

Image editing technology has gone a long way and we can bring forth massive changes. If you are looking to manipulate the image, alter the saturation, warmth and more, we offer all of it.

Labelling images

Virtual Service India have the right ideas regarding how images can be labelled and made much better. There is a lot of processing which can be done with images to make them look much better. We have revamped old images, fixed the errors, made corrections and transformed them into something radically new as well.

Resize images

Based on your website’s needs and other requirements, you may wish to resize the image while keeping the solution intact. Our professional resizing services will not comprise with quality and give you the desired resized version.

Photo retouching and editing

Make an old photo look new or edit a background and merge two photos. You name it, we do it. We are your one-stop shop for all the photo retouching and editing needs.