The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Profile Makeover – An All-In-One Guide

Just the first 3 seconds decide whether it is a make or break situation for your Instagram Profile. Yes, the first impression plays it vital here.

The Instagram Profile and the way it is projected to push one to ‘follow you’ or ‘simply move on’.


The Instagram profile of a celebrity or a known face gets searched and followed by its own and organically. What if you are not in that cream and entering as a starter to this amazing social media platform? The chances of getting sidelined among many are more without a standout feature.

A Theme-based Instagram profile will surely give you that cutting edge benefit over the similar profiles on the crowded Gram with its distinctive appeal.

How about having an All-In-One Guide for your Instagram Profile Makeover?  Sounds Great!!!

Yes, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Profile Makeoveris going to be the game-changer.

Still, thinking about how it is going to benefit you? Maybe you missed the nitty-gritty factor in it. Have a look at the below points on the differences it is going to make:


  • Your Instagram Bio tells it all
  • Helps you in creating a perfect IG Bio by choosing the right profile picture, an effective username and a profile name that strikes, the links to be added in your profile, the relevant tools like stories and story highlights in your bio, and many more.
  • Why choose a theme profile?
  • A visually appealing Instagram Profile is as good as having a shop with the aesthetics of your personal brand. Helps you to make it tidy, crisp and to the point, your clients look at. Having a theme profile will:


  • Induce unforgettable first impression that is required especially when your profile is new on Instagram, competing with millions of similar profiles.

  • Creates a brand identity to bring in that uniqueness to your profile and the visitors can easily identify you.

  • Building trust in what you showcase plays a major role, especially when you have something to offers to the audience.


  • A ravishing Colour Theme has a lot to do with the psychology of the visitors. The color you choose for your profile theme can help faster reach the target audience and touch their emotions. Green for natural & hope, Red for attention & vitality, Blue for transparency & reliability, Yellow for happiness and optimism, Black for sober and elegant, and the color psychology goes on.


  • Give your profile the right mood by choosing the right Typography: The style of font you choose can contribute exceptional identity to your theme. Clarity and consistency in the font & style for headings, subheadings, bullet points & alignment can add a lot more to it.


  • This E-book mentions 6 real-time examples: Take you through 6 different types of themes and active examples related to each type and enables you to create your own distinctive style.


  • Making you Do it Yourself Ready: Includes relevant tools & tips and a workable checklist to ensure you are covering each and every key aspect, in your journey of making your Instagram profile stand out professionally.


You could be a solopreneur or a business or a marketer who has not tasted the fun behind Instagram.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Profile Makeover – An All-In-One Guide

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