How to leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing for Business Growth? By Aarti Desk

How to leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing for your Business Growth?

Before talking about How to leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing for your Business Growth, let's first understand Who is an Instagram Influencer.

Who is an Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram Influencer is an expert in a particular niche, who creates dependable content around it and engages with a large number of like-minded audiences. By establishing trust, authenticity & credibility, they even can compel their audience psychologically on a buying decision, may it be a product or a service.

What are the types of Influencers?
  1. Celebrities / Meg Influencer: Being the highest category of Instagram Influencers, these are icons or movie stars or singers with millions or maybe hundreds of million followers.
  2. Macro Influencer: Ranging the following base up to a million followers made over a period of years; these influencers are well known trusted faces in their own communities with the expertise they own.
  3. Micro-Influencer: With respect and more time invested in interactions with their communities ranging from 10000 up to 400000, these influencers are subject experts.
  4. Nano Influencer: With a relatively smaller follower base of maybe a few thousand, they are newbie influencers who can impact within their community.
How to Collaborate with Instagram Influencers?

The Right Influencers can help you build Brand Awareness by helping you reach out to your target audience.

Here, is the list of steps you can take to collaborate with Influencers to promote your products on Instagram or any other Social Media Platform.

  1. Research and Create a list of Influencers you want to work with.
  2. Contact the Influencers via DM or your Business E-mail as it looks more professional.
  3. Decide on the details of the collaboration.
  • For Example – How many products you want the influencer to promote?
  • How many times influencers will feature your products?
  • List of all Social Platforms where Influencer will be featuring your products.
  • Payment Terms, Upfront payments, etc, or if Influencer will be interested in the barter system.

4. Decide on How do you wish Influencer to promote your products?

  • By Featuring on Posts or Stories
  • By creating a video about product usage etc.
  • Shoutout for your upcoming sale or New Product Launch.
  • Involving the Influencer in a Giveaway offer.

Here are 2 Real Examples of Instagram Influencers

Example 1. If you are an author and you would like to introduce or promote your Book on Instagram then here is @bookswithsakshi She is an Instagram Influencer helping authors by introducing, promoting & reviewing their books.

Example 2. If you are a kid’s apparel brand or kids toy manufacturer or any other products related to kids then you can get in touch with @digimother_ She is a mother of two daughters & she promotes kids brands on Instagram.

How Businesses can leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing methods, Instagram Influencers helps businesses to get introduced to the target audience directly. Having the trust factor involved, the conversion rates are much higher. Brands can have regular engagement with potential customers in a tailored way. Making use of the trust factor, the recommendation given by an influencer may even lead businesses to have loyal and lifetime customers. Partnering an influencer would help brands to make long-lasting impressions too.

In this article, we have tried to share a glimpse of Who is an Instagram Influencer, Different types of Influencers, How you can approach them to collaborate, and How they can help you in your Business growth on Social Media. Using the tips mentioned above you can easily approach them.





How to leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing for Business Growth? By Aarti Desk

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