Why Design of your Web Page or a Social Media Page is so important? By Aarti Desk

Design - Is it really worth giving a try?

Why Design of your Web Page or a Social Media Page is so important?

Yes, it is.

Design of your Business Page or Brand helps you

to get recognised

to attract the right audience

conveys brand values

Design is actually a layout or a structured format published on a web page which pulls and engage visitors on a regular basis. A simple yet powerful design will definitely have the ability to hold the visitor for a longer period. Images, videos, tag lines, drawings, etc. can be included as it helps in terms of visibility.

Benefits - What it actually helps in?

  • Highly Responsive. A design with properly placed visuals and infographics makes your web page highly responsive and attracts an audience in terms of visual aspects rather than just going with the text results.
  • Better Image. You may not be a celebrity or a movie star with people moving around you all the time. The creation of a fan or a target audience base, through any medium, is not an easy task. Well; A good design is a way for making a brand name, as the TOP - Time on Page goes up.Increased Conversions. Landing page videos can increase conversions up by 86%.
  • Reach to the Target. Images and Videos pass the exact message in comparison to words for which 20% only is read by.
  • Popularity. Quizzes & Puzzles give better engagement and spread faster.
  • Social Media Impact. An image or video instigates more sharing, retweeting, liking, and commenting from the visitors.
  • Buttons. It helps in the call to action and thereby increases business connections.
  • Enhanced Traffic. Bring in an increase of web page traffic by 12%.
  • User friendly. Anyone can understand an image or video in comparison with web pages which have just texts.
  • Trust & Dependability. The visitors will feel more dependable as the visual impact given by a design with images and videos is far better in comparison with textual representation.
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Why Design of your Web Page or a Social Media Page is so important?

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