The Story of Transformation: From Corporate Job to Global Business Solution Provider- Aarti Desk

The Story of Transformation: From Corporate Job to Global Business Solution Provider

For the most powerful category of working ladies globally, their workplace is just their best place. Even though they are in the toughest and best-paid roles making changes for big corporates, many would restrain themselves from coming out of the cocoon of their comfort zone. This could be due to various reasons – may be one is an expert at that role, maybe the time restrictions, social and cultural barriers, personal and professional life balance, etc.

Few will come out of the shell, realizing the hidden potential in them which can be managed along with their corporate job initially and can later make it their life.

Yes, the story of transformation is about none other than Ms. Aarti Sachdeva who has molded herself as a global business solution provider. It is not just the brave decision of transformation that deserves acclaim, but also the success she has made in the shorter span taking the success of the clients hand in hand.

Years back, for her to it was like any other efficient salary drawing employee who takes care of the professional responsibilities in the best possible manner, leading a team. One point strikes the thought that “what stops me to do something more innovative and out of the box which contributes in a bigger way”. Her mother and husband were behind her pestering to venture into her area of passion. With their support and the confidence gained over a period of 8 years serving global corporates like Tata Consultancy Services & EXL Technologies, it was not at all a second thought for this Delhi University Graduate.

Back in 2010, her leadership and entrepreneurial approach have taken a new sky in the form of Aarti Desk ( a one-stop business online solution provider. May it for an individual business owner or a corporate, the range of services which Aarti Desk offers, simply scale up the business prospects.

The array of services includes, but not limited to:

  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Web Designing and Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Instagram Makeover & Management Services
  • Content Creation
  • Content Writing
  • Web Research
  • Internet Marketing
  • Data Entry and Processing
  • Blog Writing
  • Photoshop services and many more Business Support Services.


It is not just the self-transformation that makes the difference here, but also the exponential changes she brought in to her clients or their businesses.

  • From giving an offline brand life in the online web world,

  • Creation of an online Jewelry brand,

  • Onboarding doctors and medical professionals to the digital world,

  • To helping entrepreneurs scaling up their business models with the help of online business solutions, Aarti has done waved her magical baton.


Nevertheless, the corporate houses, professionals spread across the globe are using the online business solutions Aarti Desk provides now in order to enhance their market valuation and business proceeds. Having said that, the constant endeavor of Ms. Aarti Sachdeva for adding up new business online solutions is still on, which may promise new heights for many upcoming business models and professionals.

The Story of Transformation : From Corporate Job to Global Business Solution Provider

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