1. Digital Products refer to E-books, Content Calendars, E-courses, Videos & Online Training, etc.
  2. The country of Merchant Domicile is India.
  3. The Digital Products that we are offering at (www.aartidesk.com/shop) our online shop are created by Aarti Desk & are the sole property of Aarti Desk.
  4. We at Aarti Desk do not give permissions to any individual or a company to create copies of our Digital Products.
  5. Digital Products once purchased from our Online Store can not be returned, refunded, or exchanged.
  6. If you experience any technical difficulty in downloading the Digital Products, you can get in touch through the contact form available on the Website.
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  8. Commercial Use of these Digital Products is strictly prohibited.
  9. No one is authorized to make or distribute unauthorized copies of Digital Products (available at our shop), or use, copy, modify, or transfer, in whole or in part.


  1. You are granted the right to Download the Digital Products available at the shop at Aarti Desk (E-books & Content Calendars).
  2. You may print pages of the E-books & Content Calendars for your personal use.
  3. Once you purchase any of the Digital Products from our shop, you agree to protect these from unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution.
  4. You further agree not to translate, decompile, or disassemble these Digital Products.
  5. Network Distribution of the eBook is strictly prohibited.


All Digital Products is supplied "as is", without any kind of warranty & we shall not be responsible for any loss direct or indirect you may suffer by purchasing or downloading these Digital Products.

Payment Amount will not be refunded once you purchased any of the digital products listed on the shop, availed services, booked workshops or coaching sessions.